Welcome To My World!

Welcome To My World!

Hello there fellow readers and welcome to my blog.

So let me introduce myself first, I am 20 year old student and I live in the UK. I am currently studying to be a teacher and looking to develop games as a hobby. I have started off by using GameSalad, it has been amazing so far and I already have two games planned to build on it. I have actually started my first game as well and I’m about halfway into development.

However as great as GameSalad is I can’t publish or test my games without either having a Mac or paying the $300 fee. So I have decided to look at Unity. It has not been easy learning c# but Unity has some great lessons for beginners that has helped me learn a bit of the basics. I have also been watching tutorials that have been helpful. Unity also allows me to publish and test on Android and other mobile platforms for free!

In order to publish to iTunes though I need to get a Mac, so I’m saving as of now for that. I am thinking of publishing to all platforms to make my games accessible everywhere. I will continue to use GameSalad now and then as it is a great simple software, but I probably won’t publish or test my games on there until I get a Mac.

At the moment I am not looking to make developing games a career, it is simply for fun. However if my games become a hit with gamers I would consider it. I know this is not an easy market to get into, but it is what I enjoy doing so even if it gets hard I will always try to find the solution to my problem.

So yeah, that is all I have to post today. Stay tuned if you want to see what it is like to make games around other commitments. You can also see what it’s like for a beginner in the game industry.I will try to post at least once a week and maybe more in the holidays.

For now though see you next time!


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