Hello All,

So I forgot to post this earlier as I have not been well at all today so here goes. I have actually decided to make a 2D catch game for my first Unity game. I have all levels planned out and I’m just thinking of ideas to make the game more exciting. I’m also thinking of great marketing ideas but I’ll work on that more after I finish the game.

As for my game on GameSalad I might carry on with that on weekends but I won’t start the second game just yet. The thing is with GameSalad is if you don’t have a Mac you will suffer, so I’m not in a rush to finish any games on there any time soon. Unless of course my Unity game is successful enough to get me a Mac but that’s very unlikely.

So far this week I have gone to school placement and looked at a few Unity Tutorials. I think making games so far has been enjoyable, I mean there are times when I’m stuck but I never give up. At this point I am having fun and its great. Some market research is also fun as I can just sit and play games to see the different aspects to successful games.

I aim to finish my Unity game by June or July and finish my GameSalad game by April. This is because with GameSalad I can make more than one level in a day if I wanted to (but I’m too lazy and don’t). But with Unity it takes me hours to work on one level of a game and sometimes I can’t finish it even then. GameSalad game also has less levels than Unity game.

Anyway that’s all I got to say today so I’m off this see you next week.



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